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Giant Meteor 2016 Red Bumper Sticker 2 Pack Sold by: Bargain-Master

stickerI hate to say this but the quality of these stickers is awful.  The message on the stickers themselves is hilarious, which is why I had to purchase them.  I was so excited to place these on my car and it was so disappointing to see them peeling off after less than a day.  I contacted the seller for a replacement and their customer service was excellent- they sent new stickers right away.  However, they were the same poor quality as the first batch.  When I peeled the original sticker off to replace it, it left a ton of paper behind.  I placed the replacement sticker in a different spot on my car just in case it had something to do with the paint on my car or something like that.  In less than one day, it began to bubble.  After two days, it started to peel at the edges again.  Though they are funny, I do not recommend these stickers to anyone. I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for an honest review.


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Show Me Your Kitties shirt Sold by: Ann Arbor T-shirt Company

Show Me Your Kitties | Funny Pick-up Line Bar Crawl Concert Party Unisex T-shirt

Sold by: Ann Arbor T-shirt Company

kittiesI love this shirt so much!  I purchased it for my husband who is a crazy cat man and he LOVES it!  These shirts are true to size.  Of course this is a unisex design so I am sure that it would look great on women too.  The graphic on the shirt is printed clearly and looks exactly like it does in the product description.  I have washed the shirt once so far and there was no fading so I think that the shirt is pretty high quality.  The material stretches slightly and it seems to be pretty durable.  I expect this shirt to last my husband for a long time.  I will probably also steal it and wear it myself because it is hilarious!  I highly recommend this to all cat lovers.  I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for an honest review.


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Lint Roller Value Pack- Hair Busters by PMI

Lint Roller Value Pack- Hair Busters by by PMI

These lint rollers are amazing!  I have 4 cats and my entire home is COVERED in cat hair.  I put up with it because I love them but I definitely want to get this mess under control.  Luckily, I found these awesome Hair Busters lint rollers and they cleaned my cats’ favorite couch like it was nothing!  As you can see in the video that I posted, there was a ridiculous amount of hair on the couch prior to me using the lint roller.  After just a few sheets, it looks like new.  I am very impressed by the quality of these lint rollers.  They seem to stay sticky longer than others and they pick up far more hair.  I highly recommend these to all pet owners because it will help keep your furniture looking beautiful, whether you have one or many fur babies like I do.  I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for an honest review.

Here is a YouTube demonstration of the product.


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BAFX Products A-8956 Anti-schock Hiking Poles, 1 Pair Offered by BAFX Products

BAFX Products A-8956 Anti-schock Hiking Poles, 1 Pair
Offered by BAFX Products

My husband and I started hiking recently and I’ve been having hip pain so I decided to try these walking sticks to help with some of the shock. They are perfect! My fiance is 6’0″ and I am 5’0″ and the sticks adjust to suit our heights very well. My favorite thing about them is the wrist strap. My hands get sweaty, wet and sometimes dirty while hiking and it can be difficult to hold onto things. The strap helps me keep my grip and when I don’t need the stick, I just fold it back up and let it dangle from my wrist. It is very sturdy but also lightweight so it is perfect for long hiking trips!

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W7 Colour Me Buff Natural Nudes Eye Shadow Colour Palette Offered by Core Name Products

This eye shadow is beautiful. I purchased “W7- In The Buff.” There are so many gorgeous neutral tones to choose from. The pallet has shades that are great for lid, brow, and crease so this is the total package. The colors remind me of Urban Decay shadow. It feels like the high-end products but at a reasonable price. I did not experience any irritation and the color stayed in place all day. I love this shadow and I will be purchasing other varieties.
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Premium Ceramic Heater with Two Heat Settings & Fully Adjustable Angles Offered by Excellent Products Inc

Avalon Premium Ceramic Heater with Two Heat Settings, Fully Adjustable Angles With Warm Even Heat Technology, ETL Approved For Safety
Offered by Excellent Products Inc

20151211_192114I am so impressed with this ceramic heater. I live in central Pennsylvania and winters are bitter cold here. My home is difficult to heat evenly so I always end up either freezing or sweating. This heater allows me to get the burst of warm air that I need without changing the temperature of the entire home. My fiance always seems to be too warm, so he really appreciates that I can warm myself up with this heater without making him feel hot and sweaty!

The heater has two settings, high and low. I find that the low setting gives off enough heat for me most of the time when I am just cold and sitting inside. However, I think the high setting will be very useful after spending time outdoors shoveling snow. The area that is heated is kind of small but you can get a larger area by tilting it and pointing it up a little bit.

As far as safety is concerned, if you treat this heater with care and caution like you would with any other space heater, I do not foresee any problems. You have to keep it away from things like curtains and blankets because of the fire risk. I would recommend this to anyone who gets cold easily in the winter! I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for an honest review.



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Compact Travel Umbrella-Auto Open/Close by ActiveUmbrella Pro

Compact Travel Umbrella-Auto Open/Close,Windproof,Anti UV,Rain and Sun(Black)

The weather in central Pennsylvania is pretty unpredictable so it pays to have a reliable umbrella. I purchased this umbrella because it is the beginning of spring and I expect to encounter many spring showers. This umbrella is compact and easy to use. There is only one button that you need to press to open and close and it only takes about one second to do each. As you can see in the video that I included, operation is simple and quick.

The umbrella comes in a cute carrying case for easy storage. The material seems to be well-made so I believe that it will last through heavy rain and wind (I will update this review and let everyone know after it happens). I like that you only need one hand to open and close, though it is somewhat difficult to close it completely by pushing the handle in. This is no different from the function of any other umbrella, but it can make the process of closing it take a few extra seconds.

I would recommend this to everyone who doesn’t want to be caught in the rain without an umbrella! I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for an honest review.

Here is a Youtube video demonstration of my husband opening and closing the umbrella.  Check it out!


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48 Piece Pen Set of Multicolor Gel Pens Offered by Thread N Stitch

48 Piece Pen Set of Multicolor Gel Pens – Ideal for Scrapbooking, Coloring, Doodling, Sketching and Craft – Includes Metallic, pastels, Neon, Glitter, Neon Color Pens – Makes a great Gift for Kids Children & Adults
Offered by Thread N Stitch

gel-pensgel-penssThis was a blast from the past for me! When I was a teenager, gel pens were so cool! Now, over a decade later, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on these!

This is a large pack of shimmery/glitter, metallic, neon and ordinary colors. Every color you could possibly need. They are great for writing fancy letters and scrapbooking. The main reason that I got these pens was actually for coloring in my adult coloring books. I find that normal markers and crayons do not have fine enough tips for the small designs in adult coloring books but gel pens work perfectly. Since there is such a wide variety of colors in this set, I can let my creativity flow.

My only issue with the pens is that they smudge a little more than other gel pens that I have used. This is not a deal-breaker for me since I normally color in a way that does not involve me running my hand over the wet gel. All pens, even regular fountain pens, smudge at times so just be aware of this while you are using the pens. I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for an honest review and I am quite happy with them!



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One Step No – Rinse Cleanser 16 OZ Offered by HomeBrew4Less

One Step No – Rinse Cleanser 16 OZ
Offered by HomeBrew4Less

My husband brews his own beer and this no rinse cleanser has been a great addition to his supply. As you “brew masters” know, sanitizing your equipment is a necessary part of the process. If for some reason you lose the no rinse cleanser that comes with your kit, you cannot really make beer without it. That is why I got this 16oz package of it for my fiance- just in case!

This is a large package that comes with enough no rinse cleanser to make 32 gallons of beer! If you have the standard 2 gallon Mr. Beer system like my fiance does, that is 16 batches! I would highly recommend this to anyone who brews their own beer as a backup for the no rinse cleanser that comes with many refills because unexpected problems could arise with your cleanser and you cannot brew your beer without properly sanitizing everything.



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Space Bags, Vacuum Storage Bags (5, Jumbo sizes 1 large) Offered by Minals Mark

Space Bags, Vacuum Storage Bags Space Saver Bags X6 Jumbo/travel Storage Bags Ziplock Vacuum Seal Bags (5, Jumbo sizes 1 large)
Offered by Minals Mark

Before I tried these vacuum storage bags, I had never tried any others. I had seen demonstration videos of other brands but decided that the cost was too high… but I am certainly glad that I gave these awesome Space Bags a try!

I had a closet stuffed full of clothing that I did not wear regularly yet I was not prepared to get rid of it. As a result, my closet had been overflowing for years and I could not even close the doors! I got these vacuum storage bags in a pack of 6 bags in jumbo size. I fit several large blankets and comforters into one bag and after I used my vacuum to suck out the extra air, they barely took up any space! I couldn’t believe how much the vacuum bags reduced the size of these things. The bags themselves are massive and fit a ton of items in each. I only used TWO bags to seal in everything that was on the floor of my closet. Now instead of the entire floor of my closet, those items only take up a small corner!

I will say that the bags seem a little bit thin. They have worked for me thus far and are still sealed air tight, but I have cats and I am pretty sure that they could claw through the bags easily if they really wanted to. I also worry about normal wear affecting the items because of how thin the bags are. Only time will tell! I will update in a few months and let everyone know how they are holding up.

Overall, I think these bags are an amazing option for organizing your home. Everyone has items that they cannot part with for sentimental reasons but they do not need to be a major source of clutter. I would recommend these bags to everyone who is looking to minimize clutter while still holding onto precious items. I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for an honest review.


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