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Penis Pump offered by DeeCam

My husband and I have a pretty extensive collection of sex toys and enjoy trying new things so we were excited to try this penis pump.  Honestly, we didn’t know what to expect since neither of us had ever tried one and we weren’t quite sure what it was even for.  According to the instructions, they claim that repeated use or “exercise” can result in a stronger, larger erection over time.  We decided to just enjoy it periodically instead of using it several times a week like the instructions suggest, since we have no need to “improve” the hubby’s erection.

To use the penis pump, first make sure that it is thoroughly cleaned.  I used regular antibacterial soap to clean the chamber before and after use.  After drying it thoroughly, we applied lubrication to his erect penis and inserted it into the chamber.  You can also use it on a flaccid penis since the pumping will suck it into the chamber.  We pumped it about 3-5 times until he could feel pressure but not discomfort.  Since the chamber is clear, we could see that it had most certainly grown quite a bit!  He left it pumped up for 10-15 minutes and then released it by pressing the side button above the chamber.

Though he was flaccid by the time we released it, it was not difficult to get him erect again.  Once he had an erection it was clear that it was larger and stronger than usual.  While I can’t complain about the normal state of things, this was a fun change for us both!  I enjoyed the increased size and strength and my husband said he felt harder and it was more pleasurable than usual.  We will definitely be using this pump again in the future!


Buy it here!


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