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Wunderbrow eyebrow gel


wunder.pngDay 1 vs end of day 2


I recently tried Wunderbrow eyebrow gel.  Over the years, I overplucked my eyebrows to the point where they do not grow back properly now, especially the ends.  It is inconvenient to fill them in with an eyebrow pencil every day, so I was very excited to find Wunderbrow, which claims that their product will stay in place for multiple days.

Wunderbrow has several different shades of eyebrow gel.  I have naturally dark brown hair so I chose brunette.  I probably could have used black/brown too, but I wanted a less dramatic brow.  If you watch the demonstration videos on Wunderbrow’s Facebook page, you can see that many of their models opt for a dramatic, highly arched brow.  I chose to apply it in a more subtle way.

The first thing that you need to know about this product is that the brush that is included is not good for applying the product.  I highly recommend a fine, slanted brush for application.  Another important step is cleaning the entire brow area with an oil free cleanser and completely patting it dry.  Starting with a clean, oil free surface will help the eyebrow gel to stay in place longer.

I started by outlining my brow and filling it in.  When I got to the ends where I am missing the most hair, I used very light strokes in the direction of my hair growth for a natural look.  I also used very light strokes on the inside of my brow.  I did not deviate much from my original brow shape, though it is possible to create a new or more defined shape with Wunderbrow.

To remove Wunderbrow, it is best to use makeup remover.  It will fade over time, but if you need to remove it sooner, I highly recommend makeup remover and NO SCRUBBING!  This could cause you to lose even more hair.  The gel doesn’t wash away with water, but a gentle soap can be used if you don’t have makeup remover.

I think this is a fantastic product for people who want to fill in their brows left often or who want to create a more dramatic brow.


Buy it here!


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