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HelloFresh gourmet home delivery meals

HelloFresh is a home delivery service that provides meals for 2-4 people with all of the necessary gourmet ingredients included, as well as thorough directions to help you prepare a beautiful, flavorful meal.  I am terrible at cooking, so it is amazing how easy HelloFresh makes it for me to create delicious meals for my husband and I.

helloYou can choose between three different plans- classic, veggie and family plan.  The classic box includes a variety of meat and fish dishes with seasonal produce.  The veggie plan is a meat-free selection for vegetarians.  The family plan includes meals that are appropriate for the entire family, including small children that may not be able to eat as much.  After you choose a box, you can select the number of people you are feeding and how many meals per person you would like.  The meals range in price from $8.75-9.90 each, which is quite reasonable considering that they are gourmet dishes and you are paying far less than you would for a dinner portion at a nice restaurant.  You can choose to have a box delivered weekly, or skip however many weeks you would like.  If you want to try this box at a steep discount before paying full price, use the code 2225252BJUN5 for $40 off.

Pictured above: Italian ciabatta burgers, herby pan-seared chicken and one pan ravioli gratin.


Enter your code 2225252BJUN5 for $40 off after you sign up here!


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