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Winks Travel Neck Wallet & Passport Holder Sold by: Winks Living

Winks Travel Neck Wallet/Stash & Passport Holder with RFID Blocking Security – Designed for Convenience, Comfort, & Durability, Black

Sold by: Winks Living

travelsThis travel wallet is so convenient! I used it on my honeymoon because we were touring wineries and distilleries and I didn’t want to take my purse everywhere with me. There are so many compartments in this wallet that I could fit everything I needed and then some.

During my trip, I carried:

– Samsung Galaxy Note 5 smart phone
– Asthma inhaler
– Cash

– Credit cards
– Photo ID
– Maps
– Pens
– Keys (lots of keys and store cards attached)

I also had a bit of extra room to fit receipts and wine/beer lists in the wallet as well. I highly recommend this to anyone who is traveling, especially if you are not able to carry a purse with you but still need to have your credentials available. I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for an honest review.


Buy it here!


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