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Premium Ceramic Heater with Two Heat Settings & Fully Adjustable Angles Offered by Excellent Products Inc

Avalon Premium Ceramic Heater with Two Heat Settings, Fully Adjustable Angles With Warm Even Heat Technology, ETL Approved For Safety
Offered by Excellent Products Inc

20151211_192114I am so impressed with this ceramic heater. I live in central Pennsylvania and winters are bitter cold here. My home is difficult to heat evenly so I always end up either freezing or sweating. This heater allows me to get the burst of warm air that I need without changing the temperature of the entire home. My fiance always seems to be too warm, so he really appreciates that I can warm myself up with this heater without making him feel hot and sweaty!

The heater has two settings, high and low. I find that the low setting gives off enough heat for me most of the time when I am just cold and sitting inside. However, I think the high setting will be very useful after spending time outdoors shoveling snow. The area that is heated is kind of small but you can get a larger area by tilting it and pointing it up a little bit.

As far as safety is concerned, if you treat this heater with care and caution like you would with any other space heater, I do not foresee any problems. You have to keep it away from things like curtains and blankets because of the fire risk. I would recommend this to anyone who gets cold easily in the winter! I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for an honest review.



Buy it here!


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