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First Aid Kit 115 Piece for Emergency and Survival Offered by Protect Life

First Aid Kit 115 Piece for Emergency and Survival | Car, Home, Travel, Office or Sports | Compact Bag fully stocked with High Quality Medical Supplies
Offered by Protect Life

first-aidfirst-aid1Everything about this first aid kit is perfect. It is so compact, yet it has everything you could possibly need inside! My husband and I hike a lot and safety is definitely a concern so it is nice to have a small first aid kit that can easily fit in our backpacks. It is also easy to pack the items up after you’ve used some of them- sometimes compact things like this look great until you take everything out and can barely stuff things back in, but this first aid kit is made to be used more than once so this is not a problem. The kit includes the following items:

– Tweezers
– Q-tips
– Small bandages
– Alcohol prep/antiseptic wipes
– Compass for navigation
– Gauze
– Triangular bandages
– Lightstick
– Poncho
– Gloves
– Abdominal wound pad
– Large bandage pads
– Cold compress
– Emergency blanket

Hopefully I didn’t miss anything! This first aid kit will help us be prepared for minor injuries, insect bites, inclement weather and more. It gives me peace of mind to know that I have this first aid kit with me because it contains so many helpful items in case of emergency. I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for an honest review and I’m very happy with it.


Buy it here!


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