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LED Gloves Party Light Show- 7 Light Flashing Modes Offered by YoungKer

Vbiger LED Gloves Party Light Show Gloves- 7 Light Flashing Modes. The Best Gloving & Lightshow Dancing Lighting Gloves for Clubbing, Rave, Birthday, Edm, Disco, and Dubstep Party
Offered by YoungKer

I love these gloves! I actually thought that they just glowed in the dark when I purchase them but they do much more than that! There are 7 modes and they are all brilliant and fun. As you can see in my videos, my kitten loves them almost as much as I do.

There is a button on each glove that is labeled so you know where the on/off switch is. Just click it once to turn the flashing lights on and then once to switch between modes. To turn them off, simply click through the modes until they stop flashing. There are modes with multi-colored lights and some with just one solid color so they would be great for team sports if any of the colors match your team. Some of the modes are a little slower so if really fast, flashing lights bother you, just try one of the slower modes. As for the fit, I have small hands and they fit well with a little extra room so I think that they will fit most adults and teenagers.

These are so much fun to wear. I would recommend these for holiday parties or just any party in general. They would be a lot of fun in a night club as well. I plan on just wearing mine out and about when I’m feeling fun and silly. I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for an honest review.

Here is a YouTube video of the gloves in action!


Buy it here!


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