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Space Bags, Vacuum Storage Bags (5, Jumbo sizes 1 large) Offered by Minals Mark

Space Bags, Vacuum Storage Bags Space Saver Bags X6 Jumbo/travel Storage Bags Ziplock Vacuum Seal Bags (5, Jumbo sizes 1 large)
Offered by Minals Mark

Before I tried these vacuum storage bags, I had never tried any others. I had seen demonstration videos of other brands but decided that the cost was too high… but I am certainly glad that I gave these awesome Space Bags a try!

I had a closet stuffed full of clothing that I did not wear regularly yet I was not prepared to get rid of it. As a result, my closet had been overflowing for years and I could not even close the doors! I got these vacuum storage bags in a pack of 6 bags in jumbo size. I fit several large blankets and comforters into one bag and after I used my vacuum to suck out the extra air, they barely took up any space! I couldn’t believe how much the vacuum bags reduced the size of these things. The bags themselves are massive and fit a ton of items in each. I only used TWO bags to seal in everything that was on the floor of my closet. Now instead of the entire floor of my closet, those items only take up a small corner!

I will say that the bags seem a little bit thin. They have worked for me thus far and are still sealed air tight, but I have cats and I am pretty sure that they could claw through the bags easily if they really wanted to. I also worry about normal wear affecting the items because of how thin the bags are. Only time will tell! I will update in a few months and let everyone know how they are holding up.

Overall, I think these bags are an amazing option for organizing your home. Everyone has items that they cannot part with for sentimental reasons but they do not need to be a major source of clutter. I would recommend these bags to everyone who is looking to minimize clutter while still holding onto precious items. I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for an honest review.


Buy it here!


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