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Ring Snuggies – The Original Ring Adjusters – Assorted Sizes Offered by Our Pampered Home

Ring Snuggies – The Original Ring Adjusters – Assorted Sizes
Offered by Our Pampered Home

ringIn 2014, I got engaged. By the end of 2015, I had lost almost 80 pounds. Though this was a great accomplishment, it left me with a gorgeous engagement ring that just would not stay on my finger anymore! I am hesitant to get it resized until I stop losing weight so I decided to try these Ring Snuggies. They work really well and they come in assorted sizes so you can find one that fits pretty much any band size.

To use the Ring Snuggies, you just put your ring on as usual and slip the adjuster onto the bottom of the band. They are transparent and are hidden from view since they are on the inside of your hand. Before I used these, I was concerned that the adjuster would take away from the appearance of my ring and look ugly and bulky. In reality, you are the only one who can tell that it is there.

You should know that occasionally the adjuster turns on your band if you do a lot with your hands during the day. Just check sometimes to make sure that it hasn’t fallen off. Since they are so transparent, they can be difficult to find once they slip off. It has only happened to me once or twice so it’s not a major concern. I also want to mention that they are comfortable to wear. I was concerned about how it might feel to have a piece of hard plastic wedged between my ring and my skin, but once you get used to it you won’t even notice that it is there. I would recommend this to people who have lost weight recently but do not want to or cannot get their ring resized.


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