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Lion Mane Dog/Cat Costume Offered by Pet Krewe

Lion Mane Dog Cat Costume and Complimentary Feathered Catnip Toy – Dog and Cat Costumes by Pet Krewe
Offered by Pet Krewe

lionMy cats are not fans of dressing up, but I think they look adorable in costumes and I had been wanting to try a cute little lion’s mane on them for quite some time. Though they protested a bit, they were good sports about it and I’d like to share our experience with this lion’s mane wig costume.

I have multiple cats ranging in age from 6 months to 10+ years old. One of them is fluffy and the others have medium/short hair. The wig has a velcro closure at the bottom which makes it easy to adjust the size to fit your kitty. I got it to fit well on both my larger, fluffy cat and my small, medium-haired kitten. There is a toy included to distract them so you can get the costume on more easily. It also serves as a reward for your kitty after they allow you to put this wig on them.

I must say, the ears on this wig do not stick up like they do in the photo in the description. They are more floppy and they don’t really resemble a lion’s ears. The material feels like it is kind of cheaply made and if your cat really wants to destroy it, they will. That being said, it will likely last long enough for you to try it on your cat and take a few photos, so it serves its purpose. I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for an honest review.



Buy it here!


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