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ADULT PRODUCT! 18 years or older ONLY! (no explicit images but some adult language)

Shibari SHIB-WHT Magic Wand Power Massager
Offered by Green Web Inc

Oh my.

I am impressed. This is a powerful wand! It has two speeds- high and low. While I prefer using it on high, the low setting also offers strong vibrations. I love that it plugs into the wall because, unlike battery powered massagers, it does not lose any of its power while you are using it. This is great because stopping to fumble around with batteries can really ruin the mood.

The only reason that I did not give this product 5 stars is the size. It is similar in size to the Hitachi wand, which is probably the most popular massager on the market. However, it does not have attachments available to focus on smaller areas. Don’t get me wrong, I eventually got it positioned so that hit the right spot, but it can be a little challenging for newbies. I really love this massager so I hope that they will have attachments available for it in the future.

Overall, this is a wonderful massager to add to your collection and it is much more reasonably priced than popular brands. I would recommend this to all females and maybe some males too! I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for an honest review and I am very pleased with it!


Buy it here!


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