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48 Piece Pen Set of Multicolor Gel Pens Offered by Thread N Stitch

48 Piece Pen Set of Multicolor Gel Pens – Ideal for Scrapbooking, Coloring, Doodling, Sketching and Craft – Includes Metallic, pastels, Neon, Glitter, Neon Color Pens – Makes a great Gift for Kids Children & Adults
Offered by Thread N Stitch

gel-pensgel-penssThis was a blast from the past for me! When I was a teenager, gel pens were so cool! Now, over a decade later, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on these!

This is a large pack of shimmery/glitter, metallic, neon and ordinary colors. Every color you could possibly need. They are great for writing fancy letters and scrapbooking. The main reason that I got these pens was actually for coloring in my adult coloring books. I find that normal markers and crayons do not have fine enough tips for the small designs in adult coloring books but gel pens work perfectly. Since there is such a wide variety of colors in this set, I can let my creativity flow.

My only issue with the pens is that they smudge a little more than other gel pens that I have used. This is not a deal-breaker for me since I normally color in a way that does not involve me running my hand over the wet gel. All pens, even regular fountain pens, smudge at times so just be aware of this while you are using the pens. I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for an honest review and I am quite happy with them!



Buy it here!


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