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Zebra MILDLINER WKT7-5C (5-Color Set) / WKT7-5C-RC (5-Color Set) /WKT7-5C-NC (5-Color Set)3 pack by Zebra

Zebra MILDLINER WKT7-5C (5-Color Set) / WKT7-5C-RC (5-Color Set) /WKT7-5C-NC (5-Color Set)3 pack by Zebra

This is an amazing set of highlighter pens!  I purchased these pens for use in my bullet journal as well as mind mapping for college coursework.  This is a set of 15 pens in many different shades.  I tried the pens on standard paper as well as thin receipt paper to show how it appears on the front and to what extent it will bleed or ghost through to the back of the page.  I am really enjoying the variety of shades because it makes it easy for me to color code assignments/appointments in my bullet journal.  I highly recommend these to anyone who creates their own bujo and to students who do a lot of highlighting.

Examples of the different levels of thickness you can achieve with the Mildliners:


Example of Mildliner highlighter pens on both the front and back of standard paper:


Example of the Mildliner pens on both the front and back of very thin receipt paper:



I recently discovered that these amazing pens are DOUBLE TIPPED!  Last night I was lying in bed studying when I bit the bottom of my pen/highlighter and something came off in my mouth.  At first I thought that I had broken my beloved highlighter but I actually discovered and removed the cap for fine tip that was on the other end of the pen!  I was under the impression that the “fine” lines were created by writing with the thinner part of the regular tip but, while they is technically true, there is also both a bold AND fine tip on each of these pen/highlighters.  Below is an example of what writing with the bold tip looks like in comparison to the fine tip.  Give these lovely pen/highlighters a try.  I promise you will not be disappointed!



Buy it here!


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