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Vibrating G-spot Rabbit Massager Offered by Desire Within

Vibrating G-spot Rabbit Massager – Dual Motors Stimulation Vibrator – Quiet yet Powerful – Rechargeable & Waterproof – Best for Women or Couples (Purple)
Offered by Desire Within

rabbitOhhhhh myyyy! I have only tried one other G-spot massager and it didn’t really work for me so I was pretty surprised when I found that this one did! The vibrator is a cute little purple device with two heads- one to massage you on the inside, and one to massage you on the outside. Once I had the G-spot part of the massager inserted, I found the smaller head and wiggled it around until it was touching my outside lady bits. To turn the device on, just hold the power button until the lights turn on (you will turn it off the same way). You can do this before inserting it so you can see the lights and make sure that it’s on. When you are ready to use it, just click the power button a second time to shuffle between modes. There are several strengths of vibration as well as a few different pulsing patterns. My favorite is the continuous fast vibrating mode, though I did find it pleasurable to switch modes here and there.

It was difficult to tell if the G-spot massager was in the right area at first. For a few minutes, I was kind of disappointed but then I got into it and I could definitely tell that I had hit the spot. The thing about the G-spot is that it is easier to find once you are already aroused, so you will have more luck finding it after you have already started “playing.” I highly recommend this to beginners as well as experienced users such as myself because everyone will be able to find a mode they love with this massager. I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for an honest review.


Buy it here!


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