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Progressive Planners Goals Planner Offered by Progressive Planners

Progressive Planners Goals Planner – Notebook, Organizer and Scheduler for Goal Setting, Time Management, Productivity and Personal Development – Undated Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly Calendar
Offered by Progressive Planners

goal1goal2goal3goal4I am in love with my new goal planner! I am a perfectionist and it’s very important for me to have a neat, organized way to plan out my entire life, including major goals that I hope to achieve. I’ve used a lot of other planners that were not specifically made for goal planning, including some that I created myself, but this one is the absolute best.

In the first few pages of this planner, you answer questions about yourself such as “What are my top three weaknesses that I MUST work on?” and “How do I sabotage myself from getting the outcomes I know I’m capable of?” This kind of self discovery/assessment is important because it’s one thing to have it all in your mind and quite another to see it on paper. Personally, one of my one year goals is to lose 50-70 pounds. I wrote down my weaknesses. I was already aware of the fact that I overeat and live a sedentary lifestyle but it was almost like writing it in this journal was admitting it to myself for the first time. The same thing goes for the ways that I sabotage myself. Now it’s down on paper and I can sufficiently plan ways to combat that.

There are pages to record and thoroughly plan one year goals and well as monthly goals. The questions for each are very similar, and you can break down the yearly goals into quarterly milestones (for example, lose 10 pounds by October; lose 10 pounds by March; and so on) and the monthly goals can be broken down into weekly goals (for example, drink 64 ounces of water; track all food intake/exercise; lose 1-2 pounds; and so on). At the end of each week, you assess your progress and answer questions about your victories, challenges, what you can do better the next week and more. At the end of each month, there are questions about your accomplishments, obstacles, how your progress contributed to your long term goal and more. There is also whitespace for a mind map, which I love because I have a lot of fun creating those! In addition to all of this, there is space to plan your normal, everyday appointments and other engagements that are unrelated to these goals, so you can use this planner for literally every aspect of your life!

This planner really is comprehensive and I believe that it is an incredibly valuable tool for planning for my future and will help me me become more likely to reach my goals this time. I highly recommend this to everyone who is working to better themselves in some way. I received this product ata discounted price in exchange for an honest review.



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