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Mens Stay Dry Tech Knapsack Offered by Bells & Whistles

Mens Stay Dry Tech Knapsack
Offered by Bells & Whistles

knapsackI absolutely adore this knapsack! My husband and I really enjoy hiking and we are always looking for accessories to make the trip easier. Lately we have wanted to try a waterproof bag but most of the ones that we had seen were kind of silly or too brightly colored. This little knapsack was exactly what we had been looking for. First of all, it looks great. Honestly, if we had some use for it aside from our outdoor pursuits, I would definitely love to use it for that. It looks professional and stylish, and best of all it is understated and doesn’t include a bunch of silly, bright colored designs. It is a very functional piece with several different zippered compartments. There are two large compartments and a number of smaller compartments as well, for items that you don’t want rolling around inside of the larger compartments. We store extra clothes and our first aid kit in the large compartments and smaller items such as tissues and my inhaler in the smaller compartments. The knapsack is made well and feels very sturdy. I trust that it will last for many hikes! I highly recommend this to everyone, whether you are planning on using it for outdoor activities or if you are a student or professional. I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for an honest review.


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