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Mandoline Slicer Offered by Brieftons

Brieftons Mandoline Slicer: Adjustable Mandolin with 3 Thickness Settings, 4 Blades, Food Container, Safety Food Holder, Bonus Peeler – All-in-One Vegetable Cutter, Slicer, Grater & Julienne Slicer
Offered by Brieftons

Unfortunately I had a lot of trouble with this slicer. It seemed like a nice product at first since it comes with a lot of different settings plus a container to catch sliced food, but the dial got stuck and I could not adjust it. I contacted customer service and they were not helpful. I enjoy eating vegetables and would have loved to get a lot of use out of this slicer but it did not seem to be a good quality product. I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for an honest review.

I would not recommend this product, but if you still feel inclined to buy it, this is the link.

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