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Inspire Protein Powder- Pumpkin Pie Flavor

Inspire protein powder if a line of whey protein isolate powders that claim to be specially formulated products that are easier to absorb for individuals who have had bariatric weight loss surgery, that are both lactose and gluten free.  Unlike many whey protein powders on the market today, they are not made from a concentrate or blend.

I am a huge fan of everything pumpkin flavored, so I was pretty excited to try the pumpkin pie flavor.  However, compared to other Inspire flavors, this pumpkin pie was not as tasty.  Perhaps my expectations were just very high after trying the other flavors but I thought the pumpkin pie was gritty and did not blend as thoroughly.  If I had tried it without being told what flavor it was, I probably would not have guessed that it was supposed to be pumpkin pie.  It tasted like a blend of fall spices including ginger and cloves, but the pumpkin was not distinguishable.  While I generally would recommend Inspire protein powder, this is probably my least favorite flavor.  If you are still interested in trying this flavor of Inspire protein powder, you can buy it here!


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