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Headache Ease Balm Offered by Tranquil Living

Headache Ease Balm. Natural Herbal Migraine Headache Relief. Use directly or with Migraine Mask, Headache Relief Pillow, Ice Pack, Cold Pack, Sleep Mask and Yoga Pillow.
Offered by Tranquil Living

I am a 30 year old college student so I’m sure you can imagine how many massive headaches that causes me. I don’t think taking a ton of medication unless I absolutely have to so I’m always looking for good herbal remedies. I had an opportunity to try this headache balm twice since I’ve had it and I am happy to say that it worked very well. I put a few dabs of the balm on my temples and a bit at the base of my neck. The first thing I noticed was the strong menthol scent. It was actually a little overpowering at first and I wasn’t a fan of that but it is a fair trade off since it got rid of my headache much faster than anything else has. It also cleared my sinuses, which was a huge added bonus! The second time I used the balm as soon as I noticed my headache coming on and it seemed to stop it from becoming a full fledged headache. I plan on keeping the balm nearby in the future to hopefully stop more headaches in their tracks or, at the very least, find some relief when they get bad. I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for an honest review.


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