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Galaxy Note5 Phone Case with Smart Window View Offered by Croude

Galaxy Note5 phone Case For women Smart Window View Flip Case Leather PU Bumper Case Flip Cover Full Body Case Magnetic Flower Design for Samsung note5 cover (DARK MINT)
Offered by Croude

caseecaseeeI love this adorable Samsung Galaxy Note 5 case! I purchased the case in dark mint color and it is really cute. I have tried other wallet cases in the past because I like the idea of being able to flip open a cover and close it when the phone is not in use, but this is my favorite flip case. It is not a wallet case which is fine by me because I like to keep my phone and other belongings separate.

My favorite thing about this case is the window in the front. Even when I’m not using my phone, I can tap the side button to “wake it up” and see if I have any notifications or check the time. It’s so convenient. I get a lot of compliments on the appearance of this case because it’s really cute and unique. The floral pattern is quite feminine and matches my personality and preferences very well. I highly recommend this to Note 5 users who are looking for a fun, unique phone case that is both aesthetically pleasing and sturdy! I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for an honest review.


Buy it here!


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