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STAINLESS STEEL TUMBLER by STAR ASCENT – 30oz Offered by Kitchenware Solution

STAINLESS STEEL TUMBLER by STAR ASCENT – 30oz – Double Wall Vacuum Insulation – Premium Quality Sliding Lid – Ultimate Temperature Retention
Offered by Kitchenware Solution


I love this tumbler! I drink a lot of coffee and protein shakes throughout the day as well as a lot of water stay hydrated, so I always have this nearby. The tumbler is very sturdy and well made. I actually dropped it a few times already (I’m rather clumsy before my morning coffee) and it did not dent or sustain any type of damage, so I was impressed. The tumbler is very well insulated. I have tried both hot drinks (coffee coffee coffee!) and cold drinks (ice water) in it and it kept them both at the right temperature for many hours. I think the lid is great. I don’t like cups with lids that are open because they lose temperature and allow more contaminants to enter my drink. This lid is easy to open and close when it’s not in use. It also prevents spills nicely. As I said, I can be rather clumsy at times and I can’t even tell you how many times I bumped this tumbler around inside my car and panicked for a moment because I was worried about spills. Luckily the lid is fantastic and it stayed securely in place saving my car, my drink and my sanity. I highly recommend this to anyone who likes to retain the temperature of their drinks for many hours at a time. I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for an honest review.


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