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Vera Glamour Women’s Tote Shoulder Bag Offered by Bells & Whistles

Vera Glamour Women’s Tote Shoulder Bag – Zig Zag Black
Offered by Bells & Whistles

totetote1tote2This tote bag is so cute! I am a college student and I am always lugging textbooks and materials around with me. I hate carrying backpacks because I experience a lot of lower back pain and it puts too much extra weight on my back. I am also a HUGE fan of purses. I own so many it is hard to keep track of all of them. I had been looking for a bag that is large enough to carry school items but is also cute and convenient like a purse. That is why I love this tote so much- I get the best of both worlds!

As you can see in my photo, I fit a ton of things in this bag: 2 large notebooks, a laptop and power supply, and a 4 inch binder. That is a pretty impressive load for one tote bag! The bag zips shut so I don’t have to worry about anything falling out. I like to carry my wallet and other valuables in my tote and the zipper gives me extra peace of mind that I will not lose them. The straps and bag material seem to be really sturdy and well made. I can see myself using this throughout my college career and beyond. I highly recommend this to college students because it is spacious and convenient. It would also make a great beach tote or diaper bag. I received this product at discounted price in exchange for an honest review.


Buy it here!


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