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Sleep Jockey Premium Therapeutic Grade Body Pillow Offered by DeskJockey

Sleep Jockey Premium Therapeutic Grade Body Pillow – Huggable Pregnancy Sleep Aid, Stress Reliever, Sleep Apnea Treatment, Snoring Reducer, Insomnia, Back Pain Relief
Offered by DeskJockey

This body pillow is so comfortable! I am a side sleeper and I normally curl up with a body pillow or a comforter at night for extra support but most body pillows that I have tried have been too soft. Luckily I found this pillow that is firm but still soft enough to be comfortable all night. I like that the pillow wraps around my body so I don’t need an extra pillow for under my head- it’s a body pillow PLUS a regular pillow!

The pillow is ready to use right out of the package. It doesn’t have any strange scent to air out, so you can open the package and toss it into bed immediately. I included a photo of the pillow with my cat so you can see how big the pillow is. I highly recommend this pillow to anyone who is looking for a high quality body pillow, especially side sleepers. I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for an honest review.


Buy it here!


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