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MADHOLLY USB Phone Fan Offered by Madholly

MADHOLLY USB Phone Fan, Fashion Portable Mini USB Fan for Samsung Galaxy, HTC, HUAWEI and Other Smartphones Rose Red
Offered by Madholly
This little fan is so convenient to use on the go. It plugs right into your smart phone’s USB port and uses the phone for power. It faces forward so you can get some relief from the heat with this fan while you look at your phone screen. If you are a big fan of selfies, you can also plug this fan in to blow your hair while you take a photo for a fun, wind-blown effect. I highly recommend this to everyone, especially during the summer months because it gets HOT out there and who couldn’t use a bit of relief. Just a quick note, be careful when you remove the fan from your phone. Reach for it underneath or you will get your fingers stuck in the fan! It won’t injure you but it doesn’t feel great either so make sure you follow instructions and remove it safely. I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for an honest review.

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