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ADULT PRODUCT- ONLY VIEW IF YOU ARE 18+ (no nudity but some adult content)

Vibrators – Impulsive Passion By Renee Rick Novelties – Rechargeable Rabbit Vibe with Curved Shaft for Easy G Spot and Clitoral Stimulation – Luxury Hypoallergenic Body Safe Silicone and ABS Plastic
Offered by Renee Rick Novelties

This vibrator is incredible! I hardly know where to start… The first thing you need to do is charge your vibrator. It comes with a charging cable that plugs into the device and your computer’s USB port. After it charges, you want to make sure you clean it either with specially made wipes for sex toys or good old fashioned soap and water. Do not submerge it though! While it is water resistant and can handle splashes and…squirts…of liquid, it is not completely waterproof.

To use the vibrator, hold the 10X and RS buttons simultaneously until you feel it start up. To change vibration patterns, use the 10X button. To change vibration strength, use the RS button. Those are things that I also demonstrate in my video. Two things that I had not figured out before creating the video but now have an understanding of are the “touch” and “music” functions. The touch function allows the toy to respond to your body’s touch. The different sensation is hard to put into words but trust me when I say that you will understand when you feel it. The music function is so much fun. The vibrator will respond to music or other sounds in the environment and change its vibration to match those sounds. Of course it is not 100% perfect but even high end adult toys cannot pick up and mimic sounds 100%, so this toy is very similar in quality as far as that feature.

I am a seasoned adult toy user and I know what I like. Generally, I prefer a strong, steady vibration on the outer area. I still decided to try this toy to spice up my routine and I am so glad that I did. The curve of the toy when it is inserted does not feel uncomfortable or overwhelming. I can only speak for vaginal insertion though. The outer piece is perfectly positioned so that, when it is inserted, that piece increases the pleasure tenfold. Trust me when I say that my description of this toy in no way does it justice. You will have to try it yourself to feel the power and pleasure of this vibrator. I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for an honest review.


Buy it here!



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