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6 ft Micro USB Charger Offered by X-LINK

Micro USB Charger,Kabel Leader (2 Pack)Ultra Thin 6ft Zinc Alloy Flat Noodles Charging USB cable for Samsung LG HTC Moto ZTE Nexus Blackberry Sony HP Dell Canon Nikon and all Micro-USB Devices(Blue)
Offered by X-LINK

These a truly awesome charging cables! Not only are the long but they are also fast charging! I love that I can use my phone while it’s charging without having to awkwardly position myself near a wall outlet . Since the cord is 6 feet long, I can sit basically wherever I want and still have an outlet close enough to charge my phone.

The cables come in a pack of two and each cable is 6 feet long. The cables are flat and very flexible but still feel sturdy. As soon as I plugged my device in, a “fast charging” notification popped up so I am sure that they charge just as quickly as the cable that my phone originally came with. These cables are compatible with my Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and will certainly be compatible with most other smartphone models (except iPhones, sorry). I highly recommend these to anyone with a compatible phone because they so fast and convenient. I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for an honest review.


Buy it here!


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