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¼ Gallon (32 oz.) Food Grade Round Container with Lid- 10 Pack Offered by ePackageSupply

¼ Gallon (32 oz.) Food Grade Round Container with Lid – Translucent – Recessed Tamper Resistant Lid – 10 Pack
Offered by ePackageSupply

These containers have been perfect for storing my leftovers! Each container holds 1/4 gallon or 32 ounces of food. The lids snap into place securely and you just fold the edges down to hold them in place. So far I have used them to store pasta salad and pasta sauce with meatballs. Both meals stayed fresh and there were no messes from containers leaking, even with the watery pasta sauce!

So far I have only stored these containers in my refrigerator but the seller has informed me that they are both microwave and freezer safe, so I will update my review in a few weeks/months to let everyone know how they hold up in each of those situations.

Something that I love about these containers is that they are semi-transparent so there is no guessing involved when it comes to what is inside. I can clearly see the food so I don’t accidentally remove the wrong container from my refrigerator (or freezer, in the future). I have washed the containers a few time and they are easy to clean and food doesn’t stick on them or stain more than with any other tupperware. I highly recommend these to families who have leftovers often or people who freeze food because they hold a generous amount of food and seem to be made well enough to last for quite a while. I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for an honest review.


Buy it here!


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