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Home-Complete Shoe Rack, Store Upto 20 Pairs Offered by Home-Complete

Home-Complete Shoe Rack, Store Upto 20 Pairs
Offered by Home-Complete

Before I got this shoe rack, I had a closet full of shoes. AN ENTIRE CLOSET! What a waste of space! When I saw this shoe rack at such a low price, I knew I had found exactly what I needed. I see that some people are complaining that it is made of plastic and I will admit that it is lighter than I had expected but I actually like that. I’m not a very strong person and it was easy to put together and also move it around if you decide not to keep it where you had originally planned to. It is also easier to clean that wood might be because it pops right apart and you can easily wipe away dirt with a cleaning cloth because the material is not porous which could cause dirty to stick more. It holds all of my shoes very well and my closet is so much more organized. I also think that it would be good for storing other objects if you are not a shoe fanatic. I do a lot of couponing and I have a large supply of products and not much shelving so I am considering purchasing this to store some of those products. I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for an honest review and I would definitely recommend it if you’d like some more organization in your life!

5 stars

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