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Camellia Brand Red Kidney Beans – Dry Bean, 1 Pound Bag Offered by Cajun Supermarket

beansThese kidney beans are delicious! I eat a high protein diet so beans are one of my staple foods that I use in most of my meals and I prefer using dry beans because they are easier to work with. Sometimes store bought beans have a lot of broken beans in each bag or bean fragments which ends up adding extra debris to my dishes. This bag of beans is very high quality and I did not see one bean that was not completely intact. All you have to do is rinse the beans and soak them overnight. Then add them to whatever dish you would like. These beans will compliment many different dishes. I used mine in a chicken chili soup and in regular chili but I’m sure that the possibilities are endless. I recommend these beans to anyone who is looking for a high quality red kidney bean to try in their recipes. I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for an honest review.
5 stars
Buy it here!

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