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Collen Military Grade Fortification Tenacious Armor Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 5 – Black by collen

I purchased this phone case for my Samsung Note 5 and it has worked pretty well for me. It fits snugly onto my phone and provides an extra layer of protection, which is great because I tend to drop my phone a lot. The bumpers are nice because when a phone hits the ground hard it can be devastating, especially if it falls directly onto one of the corners. This protects the phone well and I don’t worry much when I drop it because I know it’s safe.

I purchased this case in black (color 1) and it looks nice. The other colors are flashy but I like the understated black case. It does add some extra bulk to my phone and makes the already large device a little more challenging to hold with one hand, but I got used to it. One thing that I don’t like is that the kickstand doesn’t work very well. First of all, it is kind of difficult to pull it out when you don’t have fingernails. Second, it doesn’t lock into place so if you move your phone, you’ll have to reposition the kickstand too. Neither of these are exactly deal-breakers for me and, considering how well protected my phone is with the case, I will still be using it. I recommend this to all Samsung Galaxy Note 5 users. I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for an honest review.

4 stars

Buy it here!


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