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Galaxy Note 5 Case, Spigen® [Slim Armor] AIR CUSHION [Gunmetal] Air Cushioned Corners / Dual Layer Protective Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 5 (2015) – Gunmetal (SGP11686) by Spigen

I have owned a lot of phone cases from Spigen and normally I love them. Unfortunately I was not impressed by the quality of this case in particular. It provides decent protection for my Samsung Galaxy Note 5 but I feel like the case is not as comfortable to hold onto as many others by this seller. The kickstand leaves a lot to be desired. It’s flimsy and broke after one use. The material of the case is sturdy and provides a good amount of protection and should be able to absorb a lot of shock if the phone is dropped. I believe that this case would be great for a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 after some minor tweaking. I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for an honest review.

Buy it here!

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