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Tamo 3D Gear VR-Virtual Reality Headsets 3D Glasses VR Box for 4 to 6 inch smartphone Offered by TamoDirect

Tamo 3D Gear VR-Virtual Reality Headsets 3D Glasses VR Box for 4 to 6 inch smartphone
Offered by TamoDirect

vr glasses 2vr glassesvr glasses1Wow, these virtual reality glasses have exceeded my expectations by leaps and bounds! Before I purchased these glasses, I had only ever experienced 3D in movie theaters and we all know how expensive tickets can be. I am thankful to be able to experience 3D movies at home with these virtual reality glasses.

At first glance, they may not seem like much. I was kind of skeptical before I tried them. I wondered how this small piece of equipment could provide and experience like I’d had in a movie theater. I was pleasantly surprised by the results, to say the least.

To use the virtual reality glasses, I first tried the headpiece on without inserting the phone so that I could fit the straps properly. They are easily adjustable and they stay in place securely.

Once I had the fit right, I inserted my phone. Just open the front and place your phone inside. There is a spring-loaded clasp that you use to hold your phone in place so that it’s not just floating around in there. I had to move mine around a little to make sure that it was centered. I have a large phone- Samsung Galaxy Note 5- and it fit in here so I am confident that most smart phones will be able to fit.

After inserting my phone, I put the headset on and worked on adjusting the lenses. You will have to use the knob to adjust for your particular pupillary distance. I tried to do this at first without playing a video but it could not accurately adjust them until I had a 3D video playing. After I turned the video on, I just used the knob in the middle of the glasses to rotate the lenses until my 3D vision was perfect. The knobs on the side of the headset allow you to zoom in and out and this can also help you to find the best focus for your vision.

I wear glasses and I was not able to wear my glasses with this headset. However, my prescription is weak so this was not an issue for me. There is probably a way to insert glasses or make it more comfortable to wear glasses during viewing so I will be looking into that in the future. It is recommended that you only wear the headset for 30 minute intervals anyway.

The 3D images were just incredible with this headset. I was blown away but the clarity of the images and how comfortable it was to wear the headset for the duration of videos. Honestly, I can tell you about how amazing it is until I am blue in the face but you will have to see it to believe it. I highly recommend this to anyone who would like to experience 3D movies in their own homes. I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for an honest review and I could not be more pleased!

5 stars

Buy it here!


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