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Barbra’s 1 Pack Floral Hidden Pocket High Waist Brief Panties (2XL) Offered by Barbra Collection

Barbra’s 1 Pack Floral Hidden Pocket High Waist Brief Panties (2XL)
Offered by Barbra Collection

I’ll be honest, I originally purchased these panties because I thought they sounded hilarious. “Granny panties” with a crotch pocket? Yes, please! However, I must say that they are surprisingly practical and exceptionally comfortable. I have worn mine while exercising. None of my exercise pants have pockets so carrying my valuables normally involves wearing an ugly, bulky fanny pack. However, the pocket in these panties is discreet and is deep enough to store my house key as well as cash or credit card, just in case. The idea of keeping valuables in your panties may seem a little silly but it makes a lot of sense, especially when you are working out.

The fit is great. I normally wear between an XL and XXL in women’s sizes so I ordered XXL, just to be safe. The waist is high, which I love because it helps to hold my tummy in place when it would otherwise jiggle. The legs are roomy enough so that they do not cut off my circulation. The material is soft and silky, and it feels nice against my skin. They aren’t exactly “moisture-wicking” like activewear, but they do not collect sweat to the point where they are drenched either.

To demonstrate the dimensions of the pocket, I have included several photos showing my hand inside (not while wearing them) as well as a deck of cards. Like I said, these were originally intended to be a comical “gag gift” but I plan on using them a lot now because they’re actually a smart investment. I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for an honest review and I could not be happier with my “crotch-pocket granny panties!”

5 stars

Buy it here!


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