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Galaxy Note 5 Case, Verus [Verge][Shine Gold] – [Heavy Duty][Military Grade Protection] For Samsung Note 5 offered by VRS Design

 5 stars

Okay, I am impressed! I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 phone and I like to be sure that my expensive investment is well-protected. I also love to change the style of my phone case often so I can enjoy beautifully designed cases. Normally I am not a big fan of gold but this case looked nice and flashy so I decided to purchase it in Shine Gold. Not only is it gorgeous, but my phone is also protected very well with this sturdy case.

The case fits snugly onto my Note 5 and does not allow it to move around inside the case at all. The S-Pen is still easily accessible, which is always very important to me with phone cases. I like that the rubber bumper is there to protect my phone and absorb some of the impact if it falls. It is also a good looking border around my phone and compliments the gold color well. The design is sleek and doesn’t add much extra bulk to my Note 5, though it does add a sturdy layer of extra protection all around. I would highly recommend this to all Samsung Galaxy Note 5 owners because it is a great unisex case with a design that is fun to show off. I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for an honest review.

Buy it here! (multiple colors available)


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