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iDaoDan 0.01oz/0.1g 3000g Digital Food Scale Gram Scale Digital Pocket Scale, Backlit Display from ChanBasics

 5 stars

I purchased this food scale for my fiance to use at his restaurant. Before he got this scale, he had a larger commercial use scale that the restaurant used. When I looked at the listing, I somehow missed the part where it was mentioned that this is a pocket scale so it is much smaller than a standard food scale so I was surprised when it arrived! However, it is clearly mentioned in the description as well as the title itself, so make sure that you are aware of the size before you purchase. That being said, the scale works very well. It is accurate in comparison to the old restaurant scale as well as my personal scale at home. It is small but it can still hold the containers that the restaurant uses. It comes with a reusable tray so if you do not have your own, you can weigh your food without getting it all over the scale itself. It is easy to change the unit of measurement and it has a backlit display so it is easy to read. It comes with batteries and is small enough to be very portable. I would recommend this to anyone who weighs food, especially for personal use. I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for an honest review.

Buy it here!

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